C&G Money Point of Midsomer Norton, will offer INSTANT! CASH! for your Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium – broken, old or unwanted.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will appraise your item, and make an honest cash offer to you. We have testing facilities available to verify the purity of your Gold & Silver, so if you’re unsure we can tell you.

We accept broken earrings, silverware, old silver coins, sovereigns platinum, Krugerands, Canadian maple leaf… In fact anything Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium.

We promise to make the best offer first time every time! So look out those old pieces of Gold and Silver you don’t wear and contact C&G Money Point… You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

If your unsure of any items please contact C&G Money Point or come in store we will happily appraise your item absolutely free!

Gold chemical symbol – Au

Purity rating of your semi, precious metals, also known as carat.
 9 carat hallmark  375
 14 carat hallmark  585 
 15 carat hallmark  625 
 18 carat hallmark  750
 21 carat hallmark  875
 22 carat hallmark  916
 24 carat hallmark  999

Silver chemical symbol – Ag

 Hallmark 800  purity 80%
 Hallmark 925  purity 92.5% 
 Hallmark icon-sterling-hallmark  sterling silver 

So you’ve sorted through your Cupboards! you’ve rummaged through all the boxes in the Attic!  you’ve turned your Draws! upside down, Jewellery Box! emptied…….. But you’re not sure if its costume jewellery…….Well here’s a little titbit for you, don’t be embarrassed come in store and see us today! we’re here to help! 

You could be walking out with £100s of pounds today, don’t delay receive instant cash for your Gold and Silver right now,  

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