We’ve recently been made aware! of unsuspecting members of the General public being targeted for their Gold and Silver and collectables, by door! to door! buyers!

We strongly recommend that people DO NOT SELL YOUR GOLD, TO DOOR TO DOOR SALES PERSON/S.

And here’s some reasons why.

1) You’ve heard the story of the 3 pigs, well they all had it right, all along DON’T LET THAT WOLF IN! STRANGER DANGER!
If you visit our store, or any other store you can put a place to the name.

2) Why are these people turning up at night! The only people that should be turning up at your house that late, are the Dark and the Tooth Fairy.

3) Once you’ve been persuaded to sell your Gold or Silver, many door to door buyers have no! testing facilities available for verifying the purity of your Gold or Silver, so more often than not YOU! are not being paid the right amount for your Gold or Silver.
This inevitably always ends up with you the customer being short changed.

4) Picture this, you’ve just sold your Gold and Silver to a door to door sales person, some time later you realise you’ve handed over an item by mistake a Family Heirloom, but wait……….  you can just contact the Stranger, or send an email, or click on their website for contact details…..Errr no you can’t! 
By this time they’re halfway up the motorway, the travelling sales man has long gone, with no contact details available to retrieve the item. When you make a transaction with us it’s in -store you can have a peace of mind we’ll always be here for you.


We’re not telling you how to lead your life, the choices you make are entirely up to you, we are just making you aware of the dangers of selling your Jewellery to some stranger! that’s turned up at your house.