What you see in reality isn’t always what you’ll get…………………………….

Megan recently came to our shop with some gold we gave her a price of £263, delighted and over the moon she said ” I’m in shock!!! me and my partner looked on line and sent our gold off to a post your gold company they only offered us £175″
To top it off my partner and I refused the initial offer and then we had to pay for the pleasure of having it sent back.

Whilst appraising Megan and her partners items we came across some that had no visible hallmarks, these were 14 carat and 18 carat, We’d surmised that this would account for the short fall in price as a result of possible inadequate testing, pricing at 9 carat, rather that than their respective purity price.

This did not come as a surprise to us a story we’ve heard before. We’re not saying that every post your gold company has defected and gone rogue however in our experience; (victims our selves)  don’t always have the customers best interest at heart.

Being part of this industry our aim is to be open honest and transparent with you the customer, after all we are the experts! we are by no means attempting to discredit the post cash for gold service. Our primary aim is to give you advice on what steps you can take to ensure that you are not caught out by the unscrupulous few.

The great news is there are genuine post cash for gold buyers who can and will offer a higher rate than regular high street buyers, they can offer this due to being at the heart of the jewellery quarter, be mindful of over inflated prices per gram most of the high end gold dealers should be within 50p per gram of one another any thing else above that, I’d say if its too good to be true, then my lovely it probably is!………. so be weary…………

Should you decide to use a post cash for gold service instead of our beautiful selves, then we suggest you follow these steps to ensure your not wasting your time and money……………….

1) Research: research, research, before you even think of posting your gold do your research, just like trip adviser search for reviews these can help in assisting you in making a decision as to where to send your gold. Alongside a website address and email try to obtain a contact number, putting a voice to the business can sometimes assist you in gauging the character of the people you are dealing with.

2) Verify: the purity of your gold, where possible take your items to a jeweller or even a shop like ours, just so you know for a peace of mind what carat/purity your gold is this will also assist you in evaluating how much your gold is worth.

3) Scales: Get on the scales and weigh your gold ( we’ve been the victim of the ole pound of feathers pound of lead trick 😉 the difference in a few grams here or there, could well be the difference between £10 or £20 or more……..Ordinary kitchen scales that Great Aunty Sheila used to bake with are fine to use, however if you want to be really precise then we recommend digital jewellers scales.

4) Post: make sure when posting your gold you send via special delivery or recorded delivery this will cover you, should the worst happen and your parcel decides to go on a unexpected journey……. Make sure you ask the cashier clerk how much your parcel is insured for and how, should you need to make a claim for a lost parcel and refund if needs be. RETAIN YOUR PROOF OF POSTAGE RECEIPT. oh almost forgot where possible I’d suggest taking a picture of your items…. just in case………

5)Quote: When your parcel has been received, ask that you get your quote confirmed in writing email text letter, that way you know exactly how much you’re getting, also confirm how and when this payment will be made Cheque, Bank Transfer etc…. 

6)The sentimental things…… Keep hold of the sentimental things, sounds simple right? well in the excitement and eagerness some people forget, and end up posting Mums engagement ring, a family heirloom, Dad first signet ring,
just remember to double triple check what you are sending.

7) Scrap Heaven: Not everything has to go to scrap heaven! in some cases your gold may have a value that is far greater than the scrap price. This could be due to a significant maker or designer of the piece of jewellery, or it is in fact far too good to be scrapped Deco or Nouveau. With this mind out of common courtesy and ones decency, you would and should expect the post your gold people to suggest a specialist buyer that would be interested in purchasing your items, or at the very least advising you, that the item or items are too good to be scrapped!

8) If all the above sounds like a bit too much hassle, then alternatively you could quite simply visit our lovely selves.