Today Sam came in to C&G Money Point with her Aunty Rona to sell her Gold we paid out £635 for her Aunties Gold, Rona was really pleased and amazed at how much we’d paid for her Gold, then she said something that left us gobs smacked!

” I’ve probably taken that same amount, may be more! to the Recycling Tip and to the charity shop, I didn’t think it was worth anything because it was broken and looked like crap! ( her words not ours )

Thankfully Sam was there this time to stop the grave error her aunties was about to make, just as Aunty Rona was about to bin what she thought was old tatty costume jewellery Sam said ” what are you doing? that could be worth something”

Remember if you’re not sure, contact us we have testing facilities available on sight, we can tell you whether your items are Gold or Silver there’s no! charge its what we do all day every day 🙂

So dont be like Aunty Rona! no one can afford to loose out on that sum of money contact C&G Money Point Cash for Gold Bath – Cheque Cashing Bath – Buy Backs Bath – We Buy – We Sell.

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